We are a Garland and Banner shop. A place to help you celebrate, decorate and create memories


First of all, sorry, but we are not a donut shop. So why the name “your blue donut?” Well, on June 2nd, 2018, our youngest child was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer. It was a really scary time for us. There were so many unknowns and cancer treatment was really hard on him and the family. After 3 months of chemotherapy treatment, our son wasn’t eating much because nothing tasted good to him anymore and his appetite was almost gone. One day, when we were staying with our son in the hospital, we had a conversation with him about donuts and he said that he wanted one, but not just any donut, he wanted a blue donut and, to be more specific, he wanted a light blue donut. It turns out that it wasn’t an easy task to find a blue donut but after calling many donut shops we got one of them to make it for him. It made our son so happy and the rest of the family super excited to see him eat and smile. When we were thinking about why we wanted to start a business and what kind of products we wanted to offer, the name “Your Blue Donut” stood out to us because we wanted to bring a smile to other people and help them celebrate life – just as that donut made our child and us so happy. So, here at Your Blue Donut we want to help you celebrate life and its different seasons and stages and and we hope to put a smile on your face whether it is for you or for someone you love. We want you to feel that life can be as beautiful as you wish it to be.

We are a family business and our hope and dream is that as we grow we can help other families who have to go through the hard road of cancer treatment with their children and bring some relief so that they can create memories with their families. We can't wait to share as those dreams become realities. So remember that when you purchase from us you are also helping these families. As a family we have been the recipient of so much generous help and we want to pay it forward.

So thank you so much!!

From your new friends at Your Blue Donut